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Novelty is the key word when it comes to Sydney-siders and their food. They are serious about what they eat and adopt a come on ‘astound me’ stance.
Foodie crazes spread around town like a bushfire. New restaurants can be throbbing and full one week and then empty the next as the ‘in’ crowd moves on to the next culinary adventure. At the moment Peruvian cuisine is the huge talking point, and cerviche raw fish salad is on all the trendy, inner city restaurant menus. But next week who knows?

One thing that does remain a constant; is Sydney’s love affair with the bean! Coffee shops are an essential part of the Australian routine. Most cafes are open by 7 am and provide strong, heart stopping coffee. Bacon and egg rolls are wolfed down before Sydney-siders grab their takeaway cup and commute to work or set off for an early morning swim, cycle or jog.

In the evenings there is fine dining, casual dining, pub, counter food, schnitzel and steak meal deals, pizza and burger joints and various ethnic choices defined by area such as Shanghai cooking in Ashfield, Lebanese Cuisine in Auburn or Italian nosh in Leichhardt.

Watch out for various food festivals, farmers markets and wine-tasting events that take place all year round in parks and outdoor venues. These are great way to familiarise yourself with the vast variety of food choices, local produce and latest tastes on offer in Sydney. Or watch Food Safari (SBS television) with Maeve O’Mara a cookery show popular with Sydney foodies which explores the ethnic foods available in Australia.


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